Praise for Personal Productivity Secrets

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“…her manual delivers quite well on the more important promise in its title: Thomas’s “productivity secrets” are very solid. getAbstract recommends her tactics to everyone who wants to become more productive.”
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Personal Productivity Secrets offers unique insights not only into how technology has dramatically changed people’s lives but also into ways people can harness it most productively. The book is written for a broad audience in a highly accessible and engaging way. It nicely illustrates the ways that technology is seductive and how to effectively adopt it without the common pitfalls that lead to inefficiency. Personal Productivity Secrets is, at the same time, informative, provocative, and pragmatic, and the perspective on productivity as achieving one’s significant results is an essential reminder. Most importantly, the book offers practical suggestions that anyone can use—and everybody should use—to manage their lives successfully.
John F. Dovidio
Professor of Psychology, Yale University

Drowning in emails, to-dos, and meetings? Maura’s methods will help bring clarity and focus back to your work.
Doug Smith
Vice President, Global Partner Strategy & Operations, VMWare, Inc.

I greatly appreciate your book.  It has changed my world.  As a busy medical professional, wife, and mom of 2 who has recently been diagnosed with ADD, this has been a lifesaver!                 A Reader, Illinois

Learning Maura’s system is the single most important thing I’ve done for my career. Being truly organized and in control has far greater implications than any expertise and magnifies the effectiveness of every skill.
Mason Arnold
Cookie Monster,

Maura’s passion, zeal, and expert advice on how to work from a more productive and empowered place is inspiring! If you’re looking for a comprehensive, highly accessible, fun guide to reclaiming your time and learning how to better manage your attention, Personal Productivity Secrets is for you. This book is a gem!
Renee Trudeau
Coach, speaker and author of The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal: How to Reclaim, Re-Balance and Rejuvenate Your Life,

This book will totally change your perspective on just how much you can really accomplish if you implement Maura’s ideas and strategies. It’s amazing how much more productive, organized, and sane I have become after learning these powerful secrets.
Steve Harper
Entrepreneur, speaker, and author of The Ripple Effect: Maximizing the Power of Relationships in Your Life and Business

Maura’s system and her passion for personal productivity have had a huge positive effect on my personal and business success.
Bill Harrison
CEO and Founder, Epicom Corporation

Maura Thomas has distilled the complexities of being more productive and organized into an approach any of us can succeed with. Her writing is clear and engaging. Her ideas are simple enough for anyone to implement and use, whether you’re technologically sophisticated or not. I’m impressed with how easy it is to follow her method and simplify my life while being more productive.
Steven “Doc” List
National Agile Evangelist and Agile Coach, Neudesic LLC

Learning the Empowered ProductivityTM System has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my business. My employees love Maura’s system because it allows them to be more productive, better organized, and less stressed. I’d recommend this book to anyone except my competitors.
Cuatro Groos
Principal, CuatroBenefits

After learning Maura’s system, our company saw an immediate impact to our overall efficiency and our company culture. Having a productive team that can communicate well with each other while staying focused on productivity is a key component to our success and growth.
Kevin O’Brien
CEO and Co-Founder,

This book provides a foundation for the modern leadership skills required to succeed in today’s distraction-rich economy. Businesses can produce measurable financial results by simply applying even just a few principles of the approach outlined here.
Christopher Justice
CEO, Sparksight, Inc.