The latest book in Wiley Publishing’s “Secrets” series, PERSONAL PRODUCTIVITY SECRETS…Do what you never thought possible with your time and attention… and regain control of your life reveals the most universally useful process for managing the details of a busy life. Author Maura Nevel Thomas teaches a method that reflects peoples’ growing preference for smartphones and software over pencil and paper. PERSONAL PRODUCTIVITY SECRETS shows the way to get the most productivity and efficiency from smartphones, email, software and social media for Mac, Microsoft, Google and Android users.

“Thomas’ book goes far beyond the ‘how’ of being productive and provides a whole lot of ‘why,’ delving into the nature of modern gadgets, media, software, social networks, and more. Highly recommended for those who feel they and their brains aren’t on the same page.”
—Kevin Purdy, Writer and former Contributing Editor at Lifehacker