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Email Follow-Up Program

PDF Companion to Audio Book (contains images referenced in the audio recording)

Brain Dump Prompts

Processing Your Brain Dump

T.E.S.S.T. Process for Action-Oriented Thinking

Update Supplement for Mountain Lion Users (replaces images on pages 106-108)

Helpful Siri Commands (iPhone Users)


Email Follow-Up Program (referenced in Chapter 2)

This book is about replacing habits that sabotage your productivity and attention with those that support your productivity and attention. But changing behaviors can be a challenge. So if you’d like to sign up for the email follow-up program to provide you with periodic coaching and implementation support, and reinforcement while implementing the new behaviors of the Empowered Productivity System, click below:

Brain Dump Prompts (referenced in Chapter 6)

Outlook Contacts How-To (referenced in Chapter 13)

For a short video illustrating some of the useful but more obscure features of Outlook Contacts, click here