Personal Productivity Secrets, by Maura Thomas

Control your Attention, Control Your Life with Proven Secrets of Personal Productivity

Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by the constant influx of e-mail and reminders, not to mention calendar alerts, to-do lists, miscellaneous paper, and sticky notes?

Factor in the learning curve on all the new software, apps and devices that are supposed to make us more efficient and it’s easy to feel like a slave to our own technology and our inbox.

If you’re drowning in sea of commitments, communication, and information, trying to stay focused while you manage the minutia, this book is for you. Aimed at busy, driven professionals, this critical and timely book presents proven methods for prioritizing, keeping organized, and choosing and using the best technology for making your life run smoother.

Our brains aren’t wired for this, but we can learn to be productive.

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